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Cineflex V14 with Sony P1 Swappable Payload Upgrade

Cineflex V14 with Sony P1 Swappable Payload Upgrade


Update XtremeHorizon and Lens Board Code

Updating XtremeHorizon and Lens Instructions. Getting started: Download XtremeHorizon update file Download lens file. Unzip lens file so you have a file with a .s extension. Remove left side cover (as viewed from rear of gimbal) Disconnect mini connector between the two USB slots. Power up the gimbal. Wait for 1 minute […]

Red Latest Firmware Update

Red Dragon Firmware updates:   DSMC2 Release Build v7.1.0.1: We have tested and confirmed that the Agile=Upgraded Cineflex is compatible with Red® firmware release version in our gimbal.  To the best of our knowledge, this latest release from Red should be compatible with all upgrades that have software installed  on January 1, 2019.

Red Helium: Controlling the camera with the Upgraded Cineflex®



Red:  Controlling the camera with the Upgraded Cineflex® All functions of the Red are available via the laptop.  The most recent version of the interface, as of January 1, 2019, provides for control via the joystick.  Older systems use various knobs and controls of the laptop.  Both systems are described here. Joystick Laptop […]

Red Helium set up instructions for use in the upgraded Cineflex

When the Red firmware is upgraded, all of its settings are cleared.  This will cause problems in several areas including: No HDSDI outout, no commands received by the camera, no Menu control, no Motion Mount control. The following instructions will help you get back up and running: First, attach a Red LCD monitor.  To […]

Video Tutorials for swapping cameras and lenses

Changing cameras and lenses is simple. Here we have videos that shows the simple process of swapping these plus helpful hints on operating the upgraded system.